Eduardo Cuducos

Hello! I'm Eduardo Cuducos

Autonomy is what I treasure the most. A world with more autonomous individuals is a better world for all of us. In my pursue for empowerment I have been learning from and sharing with awesome people. And in this journey, while hacking cultures and lifestyles, I had technology, sociology and design as my super powers.

If is there any truth to be known it is within ourselves. I am always looking for mindfulness. I can find some peace of mind when I’m surrounded by people, in meditation, going out for a run, or even while bread baking. I can also find it in a glass of a good scotch whisky or in a Bob Dylan album.

In sum I’m a geek interested in the social, in culture and politics. I have inherited a hands on mood from the BA in Graphic Design I hold. My passion for technology introduced me the idea of hacking. And as a PhD student in sociology I enjoy reflecting upon common relationships of our daily life.

I’m involved in many side projects such as Expedição Liberdade, Mútuo, Sistêmico, InternetSemLimites and Cunha já caiu?. I’m also engaged in open source founding — and collaborating to — various projects.

I’m based in Brazil and in the UK. Feel free to join me if you believe in the power to the people motto : )