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Hello! I'm Eduardo Cuducos

I’m a geek interested in the social, in culture and in politics. As a PhD in sociology (University of Essex, UK) I enjoy reflecting upon common relationships of our daily life, but my passion for technology introduced me to the idea of hacking — and I might have inherited a hands on mood from my BA in Graphic Design (UFSC, Brazil).

I’m a developer at Shopify, former World Bank, Open Knowledge Brasil, Datopian and Jusbrasil. Also, I am one of the co-founders of Operação Serenata de Amor.

I love side projects such as Minha Receita, Expedição Liberdade, and Calculadora do Cidadão. I’m engaged in open source — founding and collaborating to various projects and some people support me with some drinks here and there.

I’m based in Ottawa, ON. Feel free to join me for a cup or a pint if you believe in the power to the people motto : )


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